Eye & Face Masks

Eye Mask

A moisturising treatment mask formulated with Argireline(Anti-wrinkle effects). It restores and provides deep hydration for the delicate areas around the eyes, leaving them radiant, clear and wrinkle free.

Vitamin C Facial Mask

A relaxing facial treatment mask which supplements your skin with intensive Vitamin C. It deeply moisturizes your skin and leaving it softer, smoother, and brighter with a youthful glow.

Age Renewal Facial Mask

An intensive moisturising facial mask containing Sodium Hyaluronate, which provides excellent moisture retention. It helps to soften wrinkles for a rejuvenated and revitalised skin. Regular usage will help to firm and tone the skin.

Whitening & Firming Facial Mask

A moisturising mask blended with Fissione Yeast, which penetrates deeply to enhance skin clarity. Improves skin tone and texture when used regularly.

Sleeping Mask

An energising facial gel mask that boosts your dehydrated skin’s moisture levels while you sleep. Specially formulated with 24-hour moisturising complex with concentrated plant and mineral extracts, the mask provides long-lasting moisture protection without oiliness and deep nourishment for the skin. This no-rinse formula helps to restore and hydrate your skin, leaving it soft and supple throughout the night as you sleep. Especially suitable for skin exposed to air-conditioned environment, weather changes and pollutants.